Frequently asked SERVICE ACCOUNT questions
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1. What is my monthly Municipal account for?

  • You pay for services rendered by the Municipality to your property. These levies or charges are in respect of the following Municipal Services and Taxes:

a) Electricity

b) Water

c) Refuse

d) Sewerage

e) Rates

f) Sundry

  • Your charges will depend on your consumption for water and electricity and whether you are an owner or tenant on the property.
  • Tenants are no longer allowed to apply for Water and Electricity. The existing tenant accounts for these services will be phased out over a period of time.

2. How am I billed for municipal services?

  • Rates, refuse and sewerage are levied annually, payable 30th September every year or can be paid in monthly installments.
  • Water and electricity charges are based on actual consumption. Conventional meters are read monthly.
  • You will receive a monthly statement with details of all charges and the due date for payment.
  • Charges for services will depend on the usage of your property. Businesses are charged a higher fee than residential properties.

3. What can I do if my complaint has not been resolved or I am dissatisfied with the service I have received?

  • Make sure you have recorded the name of the staff member with whom you dealt.
  • Ask to speak to that person’s supervisor or the relevant Accountant in that section.
  • If you are still unhappy with the service, make your complaint to the Manager Revenue at Baring Street 45, Worcester or telephonically at 023 348 2804.
  • Write a letter of complaint.

4. Where can I find my nearest Revenue office and what must I do if there is a query on my Municipal Account?

  • You can go to the enquiry desk at your local Municipal Revenue offices in person or contact us telephonically at the following numbers:







4 La Rochelle str.

De Doorns

023 356 2102 /

023 356 2105

023 356 2217

17 Le Seur str. Rawsonville

023 349 1201

033 349 1603

Logan str.


023 358 1192

023 358 1786

53 Baring str.


023 348 4941

023 348 4980

45 Baring str.


023 348 2600 /

023 348 2685

023 347 2599 /

023 348 2709

Van Huyssteen avenue


023 348 2825

023 344 3448

Multipurpose Centre


023 348 2740 /

023 348 2742

023 345 1031

  • Please remember to bring your account number.
  • Make sure that you record the person’s name if they are unable to resolve your enquiry as it may be of assistance should you need to follow it up.
  • If the enquiry personnel are unable to solve your query immediately, they must contact you and inform you of the outcome of your enquiry or forward it to the relevant section or department  that will be able to assist.

5. When are our monthly accounts available?

  • Accounts are posted or e-mailed timeously on a monthly basis (20th of every month) to ensure it is delivered before the payment due date that is normally on the 10th of the following month.
  • The only exception is our financial year-end, when accounts are posted 1 July.
  • Accounts can be sent via e-mail.
  • Accounts are also available from the 20th at all enquiry desks

6.  What happens if I do not receive an account?

  • The Municipality makes every effort to print accurate statements and have them posted timeously.
  • If you have not received your account by the end of the month, you can collect your account at the nearest Municipal Revenue office or request a copy to be sent via fax or e-mail.
  • Account copies are available from the 20th of every month.
  • If you fail to pay your account in time, you will be liable for credit control action even if you have not received your account yet, as your account will have been sent in good faith.
  • The consumer must also ensure that his/her postal address and other contact detail is correct.
  • The onus is on you to request a duplicate statement.

7.  What is the reason that my water and electricity account suddenly drop or rise?

  • Meter readings are done on a monthly basis.
  • It is sometimes not possible to read all meters due to some reasons (e.g. gate locked, meter underground, dogs, weather conditions). Consumption will be estimated in terms of council’s operational procedures.
  • Once an actual reading is taken the following month and the estimated reading was found to be lower or higher than the actual reading, a credit or debit adjustment for the unread period will be passed on your account.
  • Customers are entitled to request verification of meter readings and accuracy within reason, but may be held liable for the cost thereof.

8.  What should I do if there is no one at my property during the day and the meter readers cannot read my meters?

  • You can read your own meters and then telephone the municipal office with the readings and the date they were taken, at the following numbers: 023 348 2684, 023 348 2693, 023 348 2687 and/or 023 348 2682.
  • At least once every six months, we may visit your premises to confirm the reading.

9.  What must I do when moving into a House/Flat/Business property?

  • The Municipality do not allow tenants to sign a separate agreement for electricity and water services (Excluding Municipal and State properties).
  • The registered owner must go to the enquiry desk and complete a connection form for water and electricity services and pay the required deposit fee.
  • An ID document is also required or a certified copy thereof.
  • New owners (who awaits registration from the Deeds office) must bring copies of purchase documents.
  • You should receive your first account within six weeks.

10. What will happen if I do not pay my Municipal account on time?

  • Should an account not be paid by due date, the following credit control measures will kick in:
    • SMS reminder is sent (R 4,65)
    • Telephone call (R17,50)
    • 24 Hr / 14 days final demand (R46)
  • If the account is still not paid the electricity will be restricted either by:
    • Conventional meter: Disconnection (R 360 plus outstanding or arrears amount).
    • Pre-paid meters: Block/restrict 80% (non indigent) and 50 % (indigent). (R150 plus outstanding or arrears amount.)
  • Legal action will be instituted should the above mentioned measures fail to recover the arrears.
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