Geographic information Systems: Interactive Map Viewers
Friday, 01 November 2013 12:38

An interactive online map viewer allowing the user to identify, locate and query various spatial features in the Breede Valley Municipality. These spatial features can be things like streets, property boundaries, wards etc. The aim is to provide the user with a multitude of data sets/information about the Breede Valley Municipal District available in one location, thereby reducing the time and effort to obtain this information.


  • Click on the map below to open the Interactive map viewer:

Silverlight Viewer General Help

An interactive map viewer allowing the user to locate and identify both farm and urban properties as well as other points of interest and services. These include but or not limited to things like schools, police stations, fire stations etc. The viewer also allows the user the ability to query properties in terms of extent and zoning.

Maps available for download:

A serious of maps available for download in pdf-format. Click on the links below to download.

BVM Area Map A4

BVM Wards A0

BVM in relation to Western Cape A4

Street map De Doorns A3

Street map Rawsonville A3

Street map Touwsrivier A3

Street map Worcester A1

Worcester Detail 1 A0

Worcester Detail 2 A0

Worcester Detail 3 A0

Worcester Detail 4 A0

Worcester Zoning Detail 1 A0

Worcester Zoning Detail 2 A0

Worcester Zoning Detail 3 A0

Worcester Zoning Detail 4 A0

Zoning De Doorns A3

Zoning Rawsonville A3

Zoning Touwsrivier A3

Zoning Worcester A0

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