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Breede Valley Municipality is committed  to and embraces the Batho Pele principles and subscribes to the following values:

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B: Beyond service excellence: We exceed the expectation of our communities by delivering innovative and affordable services.

A: Accountable: We are professional and take ownership for everything we do.

T: Teamwork: We believe in delivering together.

H: Honesty: We behave with integrity and truthfulness in all our dealings.

O: Open and Transparent: We hide nothing and keep everyone informed.

P: People Driven: We deliver service for people through people.

E: Efficient and Effective: We will deliver a rand’s worth of service for every rand we receive.

L: Learning Organisation: We believe in continuous learning and create opportunities for personal and communal development and growth.

E: Equal Opportunity: We believe in equal opportunity for all and will use this diversity to the advantage of our communities.

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